Coach Logan Wells talks about his 1st Round Pro coaching experience with 2022 Calvary Christian graduate, former 1st Round Pro player, and Seminole State commit Dillon Costello.

Tonia Martinez: How was it coaching Dillon Costello?

Coach Logan Wells: Dillon was an amazing kid and fun player to be around. Him and I had a relationship where we hit it off instantly. We both brought a competitive drive out of one another. I challenged him and made him do things outside of his normal box. He took it in stride, accepted the challenge and excelled in the game. It also helped the team win a lot of baseball games. It was an overall fun experience.

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Tonia Martinez: What kind of a teammate was Dillon?  

Coach Logan Wells: Dillon was able to connect to the team without having to say a lot. Everyone was on the same page and able to have fun, but they also knew when to get serious. Dillon could come in give the look, like hey time to play. Dillon is a great teammate That team was a special group to coach.

Tonia Martinez: Now that Dillon is graduating, what do you expect to see from him?

Coach Logan Wells: I got the pleasure of being a part of the whole process. I went with Dillon to tour schools and check out the what the next level has in store for him. He chose Seminole state. I have a relationship with coaches; they are all excited for him to come and he is excited to be a part of it. Two other players from 1st Round Pro will be heading to play with Seminole State as well, Jacob Green and Casey Lockwood. Having all three players there is not only very exciting for the 1st Round family, but that team is getting a lot of talent. I’m excited to see what he can do.

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It was such a pleasure working with the whole Costello family. They could not have been more welcoming to the coaching staff, the players, and the players family. Mrs. Costello was our team trainer and made sure all the players stayed healthy and hydrated in the heat. The family opened their RV to everyone when we would get rain delays. I cannot say enough great things about the family.  

Congratulations to Dillon as he was invited to participate in a local All-Star game played at Tropicana Field (Home of the Tampa Bay Rays) on June 13, 2022.


Interview conducted by Tonia Martinez – Organizational Team Mom.

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