Former players coaching aside Coach Wells

What’s it like having former players wanting to come back and be part of the staff?

It makes you realize what you’re installing in these young men and the way we go about playing the game, plus the love we show for the players really does have an impact. I’ve been blessed to have Adam Levins and Dustin Stubblefield come back and join our team this year. They were both really good players and did everything I asked of them as players. They both have got to see the game from a different viewpoint. I think they’ve developed a respect for how hard it is managing, teaching, and developing. Both of them have came back and given every ounce of knowledge they have to the younger players.


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Dustin played multiple seasons for me and was a very good middle infield / leadoff hitter for our program. Dustin as well as a few others were the first ones to believe in me as a high school coach and give me an opportunity to get into the game. Some thing as a coach you’ll never forget. As Dustin’s senior summer year started to come to an end him and I had multiple discussions about him coming back and helping out. He went off to college and is now back in town for the summer and I can’t lie it was a great phone call to receive knowing he wanted to come back. Dustin has helped out tremendously with our middle infielder’s and infielders in general. His knowledge for the game assist me on the regular with moving players into the right positions. He’s a great dugout coach and the players coach. He’s able to explain things and get to the younger athletes with him being closer in age. Stubbs as we call him Has been very instrumental in the production we’ve had this season. I loved Coaching Dustin and I love every day getting to go to war with Dustin as a coach. He has a very promising future but he also knows he has a home with me as long as I’m doing this.

Adam was a very good pitcher, one of the better pitchers I’ve ever had for that matter. He commanded the zone, he was able to locate pitches, his knowledge on the mound was par nun and his biggest attribute was he wanted to WIN. Adam was a coaches dream, He was a guy that you knew was going to go out and compete. He wanted the ball and he wanted to do whatever he could to make others better around him. Adam and I developed a relationship his senior year and had multiple discussions about the Collegiate process. He knew I had his back and he knew I’d do anything to help him out because I believed in him. Adam decided that wasn’t the path he wanted to choose and after multiple conversations we were able to link back up and he’s been a key asset for our program. Adam not only helps coach our high school program. He is also an assistant coach for me in the Florida Collegiate Golf Coast League. He has taken on a lot of responsibility this summer, he has been dependable which is a hard thing to come by nowadays. I look forward to coaching with Adam for a long time. He has became a little brother to me and he is a sponge with everything. Adam has a very promising future. If he continues to coach, he has built up quite a résumé already at a young age.


With all that being said Coach Reggie Simmons and I are extremely fortunate to have these guys on staff with us. Coach Reggie feels the same way I do. We both couldn’t be more proud of the young men they’ve turned out to be. Not to mention how impactful they have become to our program. I hope to not only continue to build better athletes and human beings. But I hope we can continue to build coaches and give them opportunities, if that is the profession they choose.

Just like everything else in life we probably don’t tell the people closest to us thank you enough. But to Adam to Dustin and Reggie Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you guys do.

Coach Logan